Ayame anal sex with Kakashi

Ayame and Kakashi love anal sex

Kakashi’s second passion after Jiraya’s book is to apply what he has learned inside. Seduction is a difficult art! But Kakashi knows how to approach a girl to fuck her thanks to Jiraya’s advices. This time, he uses his technics with Ayame! Of course, it’s a privilege for Teuchi’s daughter to give her ass to the famous Jounin of Konoha after a big meal. Also, everybody knows that to work as a shinobi is not the best job to earn a lot of money, even if your name is Hatake Kakashi! And to pay your ramen with sex can be a good way to make life more comfortable. As you can see, Kakashi and Ayame have a special relationship for a long time. How can we know that? Well… Woud she have anal sex with a customer she meets for the first time? Not sure, and we suppose her ass is a special place dedicated to her secret love Kakashi. Good theory, isn’t it?


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