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To meet Bayonetta is a unique exeperience you will never forget. The sexiest witch of video games who started her adventures on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 won her title of ultimate slut. How? Well you’ve just have to watch her moving while she fights angels and monsters coming from everywhere to kill her. Her body suit fits her like if she were naked! Moreover, you can guess she’s completely undressed when she uses her special skills. Also, don’t be surprised if it’s hard for Bayonetta to find a guy. In fact, she’s a such strong woman that most of guys fear the witch. However, Bayonetta can is a normal girl when she fucks! She sucks cock without bite it, and she won’t counterattack if she receives a facial cumshot on her glasses. Finally, the sexy witch finds a good compromise by having sex with ugly monsters. Why? Because they aren’t afraid of her. Oh, and they have big cocks…

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