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Adventure sex games allow you to play the hero. This hero wants, or dreams to fuck beautiful girls he will meet on his way. Meet and Fuck games and Fuck Town games are famous games to play a guy who meets pretty babes. To accomplish your mission, you will have to seduce these hot babes before to fuck your first pussy. Adventure sex games need you to think a little before every action. If your judgment or answers are correct, you will award with girls’favors and the story will continue to the next level. Don’t forget the aime of every adventure games, sometimes a sex scene is necessery to unlock other ones. For example, if your goal is to fuck the most beautiful girl of the university, you will have to fuck normal girls (cute of course) in exchange of informations. Finally, enjoy and fuck tons of girls who want to taste your big hard cock! Play quality sexy adventure porn games on HentaiGO!

school girl teen rape game

School Girl teen rape

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You are obsessed with that girl in your classroom, she’s the…
pirates of the caribbean porn game

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Today you’re going to Treasure Island with famous pirates trio of…
Orihime inoue raped and abused

Orihime Kokuhaku – rape in the subway

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Inoue Orihime from Bleach is the star of this hentai game…
Yu Gi Oh porn game - Azuka hentai

Yu Gi Oh Fucker – Azuka Tenjoin

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Ready for a week-end full of girls and sex? Fans of…
fuck town personal trainings japanese teen fuck

Fuck Town Personal Trainings

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In Fuck Town Personal Trainings, you are a famous gymnastic coach…
fucktown artworks sexhibition

Fuck Town Artworks Sexhibition

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Fucktown Artworks Sexhibition offers you to visit this painting exhibition and…
mikkupoid is my bride - sex doll

Mikkupoid is My Bride – Hatsune Miku…

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Hatsune Miku is your sex slave! Mikkupoid is My Bride is…
miku mania - hatsune miku sex game

Miku Mania : Hatsune Miku Sex

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Meet Hatsune Miku in that Miku Mania game. A unique moment…
subway pervert game

Subway Pervert: Touch and Rape

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The subway is a special place for pervert and beautiful girls.…
japanese student facial cumshot

Ikenai fuck and cum

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Let me introduce Ikenai Love and Fuck, a beautiful sex game…