Harem Heroes

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Harem Heroes

In Harem Heroes, you enter a new sex hentai adventure!

And you should recognize some famous girls, so be ready for sex and fun! Through this porn journey, you discover a visual novel with plenty of uncensored hentai illustrations. The aim of the game is to recruit girls to build a harem. First, you should go and meet pretty girls in different missions. So, seduce them, then invite these babes to join you in your harem. Like a real RPG battle, you have to lead battles as a commandant of an army, but this war is based on your sexual performance. Moreover, to increase your harem’s powers, train your girls and teach them how to become great sluts! Level up the skills of your girls thanks to specific equipment available on the market.Don’t forget to have an eye on the affection level. Because if you take care of your harem, these babes will undress to reward you! Soon available online, be ready for the PvP & Leaderboard to challenge other players and become the best harem leader of the world!


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