Vega Hunters [v2.11] – fuck pretty bandits

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Vega Hunters [v2.11] – fuck pretty bandits

You are a bounty hunter travelling the galaxy to catch bandits. Of course, you’re not only interested by money and that’s all the meaning of this adventure sex game! In fact, you’re totally obsessed by fucking outlaws girls. So, if you catch one of these sexy bandits, you can’t miss the opportunity to fuck and abuse her. Some players will recognize the character design of that sex game. Well, it’s the same as Behind the Dune, another great porn game taking place on another planet. But in Vega Hunters, your field covers several planets. Does it mean more girls to fuck? Anyway, you can support the creator on his Patreon


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      Your goal is to progress through the rooms and collect more information than the 2 other bounty hunters with you. You have 2 charges on your shield, ammo, and grenades. Incinerators use up one shield, the group of goons use up one ammo, and the big robot uses up one grenade. If you have no charges on something and you encounter the specific enemy, you’ll lose all of your info that you’ve gained, but still move on to the next stage. Along the way you can occasionally find one of three items, one that is a magnifying glass, which gives you an instant win, a radar which tells you what is in the next room, and a hologram, which once activated, allows you to escape with your collected info if you find yourself in a situation where you would’ve otherwise lost. if at any point you feel like it’s not safe to move forward, you can press the stop sign in the bottom right to safely leave with your collected info. As you progress forward, the bounty hunters with you may leave. This is your opportunity to risk it and get more information than them. If you leave and the other bounty hunters haven’t left already, they will continue until they also leave or lose. If after 3 stages you have the most information out of your group, then you win.

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