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present the ninja girls from Konoha like you’ve never seen before. As it is a licenced anime all around the world, there are many sex versions, tons of games starring the girls created by Masashi Kishimoto. With Naruto sex games, play and fuck Sakura Haruno’s ass with Kyubi! Rape Hinata Hyuga on the floor to punish her and treat her like a whore. Fuck the blonde and sexy Ino Yamanaka who loves to feel big hard cock in her pussy, especially Sasuke’s cock. Play with Tsunade’s big tits full of milk in legendary titfuck games. Naruto hentai sex games offer you to watch cut scenes from Naruto Shippuden with Itachi fucking Sakura on the floor. Watch Temari’s pussy filled with Shikamaru’s cock. Play hentai games in the world of Konoha, the paradise for fans who want to see their favorite heroes fucking like pornstars, cumming on each others. Watch these girls and guys with another point of view!

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