Sakura futa fucks Ino anal

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Sakura futa fucks Ino anal

Futanari vs Ino!

Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka are still the best friends of Konoha and they prove it! But since their childhood, they were fighting often for Sasuke Uchiha. Both in love with the last survivor of Uchiha clan, the two kunoichi were very sad when he left Konoha to follow his destiny with Orochimaru. And time has passed, Sakura and Ino are now two beautiful girls with sxy attributes. So why not to make peace in this public bathroom? Moreover, Tsunade’s lessons allow Sakura to create a huge cock to turn into a futanari. Finally, Sakura will give to Ino her first anal sex and much more in that Naruto hentai flash game.


  1. Walter says:

    Can somebody please tell me HOW to watch that ino and sakura porn?
    I want to see that shit sooooo bad, it keeps saying that it can’t load a plugin, PLEASE HELP ME I WANT TO SEE THAT PUSSSY GET DOMINATED BY SAKURA

    • Brand says:

      let me nut first

      *nUTted like a mofo*

      ight so if you using chrome you’ll see a puzzle click it and say allow now or always (clearly always homeboi)

      if firefox it automatically ask if you want to turn on plug in and give you same ?s as chrome.
      Tho if you using Explorer you all ight

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