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Assassination Classroom is based on the story of Mr Koro, a big yellow monster with tentacles. For some reasons, this guy becomes the teacher of the class 3-E in the Kunugigaoka school. And his pupils have one year to kill him, or else he will destroy the Earth. Through the story of Assassination classroom, Mr Koro teaches to boys and girls how to kill with secret practices. Also, that yellow monster is the fastest creature on Earth, what makes him very hard to kill. Even the government or the greatest killers of the world fail to touch him. In this Assassination Classroom pixxx page, HentaiGO offers you hentai images of Mr Koro fucking girls with his tentacles. In fact, it is impossible to miss a such opportunity! A pervert yellow monster with tentacles in a classroom full of beautiful schoolgirls. Of course, don’t forget the gorgeous Irina aka Bitch sensei!

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Assassination Classroom Hentai Tentacles Rape

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