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You think there’s no chance to see Kuroko No Basket pixxx? Well, there are not only guys composing basketball teams! If you look better around, you can’t miss babes like Satsuki Momoi from Too Academy or Riko Aida from Seirin High. While the first is manager, the second is coach, which makes these characters very important in the story. Moreover, these two girls make appear a certain kind of rivality in the domain of player and game analysing. Then, in a more exotic way, meet the american babe Alexandra Garcia, the personnal coach of Kagami when he was in the USA. With her blonde her and her body of milf, she’s the ultimate babe of Kuroko No Basket. Moreover, her relationship with Kagami is not very clear. Especially when we first meet her naked in Kagami’s appartment. A perfect girl to teach all these young boys how to satisfy a lady!

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Satsuki Momoi and Riko Aida hentai lesbian

The two sexy coach of Seirin and Too, Satsuki Momoi and…