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What best character than Koro-sensei to illustrate the power of the tentacles in japanese anime? Of course, if you already know Assassination Classroom, you know the incredible power of Koro-sensei. More precisely, he’s the fastest creature known in the universe, so that nobody can kill him! And guess how a such power can be exploited in bad hands. These hentai games and pixxx show how pervert Koro-sensei is with her students, especially girls! Tentacles are useful to keep girls tied up while his other tentacles penetrate girls’s holes. In fact, it’s too easy for Koro-sensei! As he already can do tons of things at the same time, to fuck one hundred girls at the same time is a simple task! And fans will appreciate to discover Koro-sensei performing new skills. Finally, HentaiGO is proud to present you the best of Assassination Classroom hentai games and pixxx!

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Assassination Classroom Hentai Tentacles…

Koro-sensei super fuck! Koro-sensei loves her students, especially the girls in his classroom. Fans of Assassination Classroom, you know…