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Love Hina hentai games and PIXX present the anime Love Hina with another point of view, especially with a porn view. Remember that the story takes place in a place in an ancient house turned in to a female-only apartment. All the girls living there are much pretty and take a big pleasure to kick and hit Keitaro, the only guy in this paradise. Of course, you can imagine all the perturbing situations with all these horny girls around Keitaro! As the new manager og the Hinata house, he must satisfy the desires of these babes : the student Naru Narusegawa, the step-sister and mystic Kanako Urashima, the freelance-writer Mitsune Konno, the Kendo practicer Motoko Aoyama, the princess Kaora Su, the cute and shy Shinobu Maehara, and Mutsumi Otohime. So many girls for just one guy! Love Hina is a paradise for hentai! Welcome to the house of plasures! Enjoy games and Pixxx!

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Love Hina – Kaolla…

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Naru Narusegawa hentai

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