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Ymir the big lesbian from Attack On Titan!

Ymir Fritz is former member of the Survey Corps. Not really the most pretty girl in Attack on Titan, she looks like a boy when she talks or moves. Ymir seems to have a secret she hides from the beginning. Moreover, we don’t know many things about her past. We only learn that she was a poor and lonely girl who must steal food to eat everyday. But that was before to enter in the 104th Training Corps graduate, and she’s now one of the most important character of Attack of Titan. Of course, her special relationship with Christa Renz (Historia Reiss) makes these two girls have a big destiny in the anime story. Many of Ymir’s comrades think she’s a pure lesbian, especially because she tries to seduce the pretty Christa. HentaiGO offers you the best hentai of Ymir Fritz in cool pixxx and sex games inspired by Attack on titan.

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Christa and Ymir Titan…

Ymir and Christa bloody hentai! A secret links Christa Renz (Historia Reiss) and Ymir Fritz from Shingeki No Kyojin…