Kirito fucks Asuna and friends

Kirito fucks three girls!

Incredible performance for Kirito, the lonely swordsman from Sword Art Online. Fans who know the story of this anime (available on Netflix) remember that some girls love Kirito. Although Kirito has chosen to give his heart to Asuna, Silica and Rika continue to love him in secret. But as they live in a virtual world, what’s the problem if they fuck together? Kirito is the one player with the special skill to use two swords at the same time. So, it’s quite easy to use his two hands and his cock to fuck Asuna, Rika and Silica! Kirito’s supremacy has no limit and he gets enough energy to cum on these three butts. Finally, Sword Art Online definitively becomes Hentai Art Online!

kirito fucks asuna and friends


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