Chichi and Goku super sex

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Chichi and Goku super sex

Chichi and Goku Super Sayan fuck!

Every fan of Dragon Ball Z should know how Chichi and Goku fuck. “Why?” Will you tell us. In fact, it’s easier to understand how the brothers Gohan and Goten have so much power. Although they were only childs, they both turned into Super Sayan. Many years before Goku himself! The truth is that Goku fills Chichi’s pussy with a Super Sayan cock to increase the cum’s power. Of course, we suppose it was not an easy task for Goku to not break his wife in pieces! Chichi bites her lips because it’s painful! Finally, you can turn on/off the Dragon Ball Z music while Goku and Chichi are fucking.


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    Hentaigo captions always be killling me with the great storyline dialongs XD XD

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