Fuck Town Seductive RPG Swim Team

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Fuck Town Seductive RPG Swim Team

Sports and sex!

This Fuck Town Game makes you discover the life of swimming coach. Your job is to train a girls team for a swimming competition. As a coach, you have to take care of your athletes, physically and mentally. So that each girl will be ready for the final day. Choose the training type for your athletes to increase teir stamina, force… Also, earn money with private lessons to buy gifts and pay the medical care. In fact, every day gives you the opportunity to make your best to become the best swimming coach. Of course, if you’re a perfect coach, you can have sex with your girls. Finally, if one of your athlete wins the final competition, she’ll give you a special sex time! So imagine what it could be if the three girls are first! Enjoy that Fuck Town Seductive RPG Swim Team.

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