Mario fucks Bowsette

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Mario fucks Bowsette

Seriously, how Nintendo could put Bowser, an ugly monster who looks like a turtle instead of Bowsette? Because when you think about it, it’s even more logical. Let’s make the new story of Super Mario Bros! First, a beautiful queen is jealous of Princess Peach and kidnaps her. Why? Probably because she’s in love with Mario, or she thinks that princess is more sexy than her. Well, who knows, that’s girls’ business. Then, Mario starts his journey to save Peach and saves Peach. But what about Bowsette? Did he push her in the fire burning of her dark castle? Of course, no! When Mario discovers his enemy, a sexy girl with such boobs, he feels more lucky than everyone else. To punish that bad girl, what’s better than a good titfuck and a cumshot on her face? Are you Bowser or Bowsette?


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