Game of Porns: Adventures of Jamie Lannister

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Game of Porns: Adventures of Jamie Lannister

Knight and fucker of Westeros!

The less we can tell is that Jamie Lannister is a real serial fucker! This sex game, parody of Game of Thrones proves that the knight of King’s Landing seduces a lot of women. First of all, Jamie fucks his own sister Cersei Lannister! An incest, but a pure moment of porn! Cersei sucks the big cock of her brother and begs for more cum on her face and inside her cunt. Also, Brienne of Tarth can’t resist to give her butt to Jamie, even if she has to lose her virginity! At last, Margaery Tyrell, the fleeting queen of Westeros wants to taste the cock of the King Slayer. But, all this porn is only available if you can answer questions about Game of Thrones!


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