Game of Porns: Odyssey of Jon Snow

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Game of Porns: Odyssey of Jon Snow

Jon knows nothing but fucks everyone!

Discover the secret odyssey of Jon Snow in that porn parody of Game Of Thrones. Did you know that Jon Snow has fucked Cersei in the beginning of the show? The blonde queen forced him to use his cock! Sucking him until he cums, then filling her pussy to make him a man. Remember, that was just before to enter the Night Watch. In the next adventure beyond the Wall, he met Ygritte, the pretty red hair savage girl. They both fall in love and have sex during their travel to go back to the wall. After that episode, he will cross the way of Melisandre, the red witch and it will turn porn once again. As you guess, Jon Snow fucks a lot of women in Westeros! Enjoy that Game of Thrones sex game!


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