Milk plant 9 Tifa – Milk and Pee

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Milk plant 9 Tifa – Milk and Pee

Pee and milk for Tifa Lockhart!

Milk Plant 9 Tifa is another hentai game in wich you torture and humiliate Tifa Lockhart. But this time, it’s not all about milk! The aim of this torture game is to create an explosion of milk and pee. What a huge humiliation for Tifa! This new episode of the Milk Plant series has no pity for the beautiful brunette of Final Fantasy. Watch this vice pressing her big boobs and see how the milk is flowing from her tits. Moreover, if you play with her shaved pussy, you can create a big flow of pee! Pee and Milk at the same time! Totally crazy, isn’t it?


  1. Tim says:

    help i don’t know what else do in the game

  2. de oder tim says:

    no tim, you do not.

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