Peach is a pornstar

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Peach is a pornstar

Double pleasure for Peach!

At least, Princess Peach is safe! Mario and his brother Luigi have rescue their dear princess from Bowser’s claws. And you know that every job means a reward! So, Peach invite the two brother in her private room for a sex party they will never forget! Of course, Nintendo hides this porn chapter of Super Mario games, because it would break the legend of the pure Princess Peach. But HentaiGO’s players know that Peach always begs for sex, even more when it’s extreme and dirty. Finally, enjoy that perfect view on Princess Peach’s butt preparing her ass for a double penetration with Mario and Luigi. Oh, and there’s nothing to do but watch, it’s a loop.


  1. The bat and the gat says:

    That last sentence on the description made me laugh

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