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Great interactive hentai game!

Usasituke offers you to seduce, abuse and fuck a young and beautiful maid. There is so many way to touch and fuck her: slap her butt, give her your cock for a nice blowjob and try to not cum on her face. Masturbate her pussy through her panties to make her cum. Usisatuke is a pure japanese hentai game with a hentai girl dressed like a maid to satisfy all your desires. Loading times are quite long, so don’t be in a hurry when you see a black screen. Quality sex games have a price!


  1. あsdf says:

    A Small Translation: Upon unlocking all scenes, you activate ’ムテキモッド’ ’muteki mode’ or basically, unlock the ability to repeat scenes without a ‘fill meter’ and you can do things as long as you want. You can also mess with zoom and rotation, but if you don’t have a high end computer- they don’t recommend it.

    Not sure if there’s anything else ‘important’ to translate that anyone would want to know- unless you care she calls you ‘boss’ and ‘store manager’ repeatedly whenever referring to you.

  2. SweetCandy says:

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